Flower market in front of Hotel de Ville

I am always trying to take very good pictures with my better camera, but today I decided that I never have time to do this so am going to start taking snap shots with my not-that-good camera because I can carry it with me anywhere, which will mean that you will see more pictures on the blog, which is good, right?

Today the Mistral (the dry winds from the North) began to blow and one of my shudders closed itself. I cranked open my window to feel the temperature outside before heading out to class and decided that it was officially sweater weather. Rightly, I put on a sweater.

In the mirror with a camera, kind of back lit but you can see that I am wearing a sweater

Then I walked up to class, leaving just enough time to purchase a notebook from the art supply store, to cut through the middle of the old town instead of more quickly circumventing it, and to drink a quick café before class.

On my walk through the old town, the sun came out and warmed the narrow streets. The shops were half opened, half closed. I saw a small scooter and daydreamed of living here all year round, and riding my scooter up the narrow roads, barely dodging pedestrians like the locals.

The scooter of my dreams

I wound my way through the Medieval streets until I reached the Hotel de Ville and the place near the school that I don’t know the name of. I checked my watch, I was making good time so I wandered through the flower market and shot a few pictures and daydreamed of renovating a cabanon in the Provençal country side and buying an olive tree and some flowers to plant.

Olive tree start

Roses from the market

Oh the flowers!

Before class, I quickly popped into the cafe in the Place d’Université for my favorite morning beverage, une noisette which sounds exotic but is really just a shot of espresso with a bit of foamed milk. I have began putting sugar in coffee that at home I drink bitter. I wonder if this means something about life in Provence.

Une Noisette

After class, I took lunch with a friend from Cincinnati who speaks much better French than I, in our favorite square which I also do not know the name of quite yet.

On the way to the square, I noticed this restaurant with a cow and a chicken and decided that I must try it sometime. I think that you have to make reservations so it is probably expensive.

Cow restaurant, farm fresh?

In the square, there are more of these expressive and somewhat suggestive sculpture installations that I keep finding all over town.

La place and the figures

We decided to eat at an Italian restaurant for a change. We ordered the lunch menu of salad and main plate, and I got the risotto. But more importantly the salad. Oh, the salad. This picture is a mess but trust me, it was delicious.

The salad of my dreams

Then I walked home.

Now I am sitting outside of my local cafe, in the wind, writing this post.

Et voila!